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About the lexicon

The portal Faces of Slovenian Region is an ONLINE biographical lexicon of famous and notable personalities from Slovenian provinces and Slovenians in neighbouring countries and around the world, which is run by the Kranj City Library in collaboration with central regional libraries. It interconnects biographies, published in regional lexicons:, Biographical Lexicon of Lower Carniolan Slovenians,,  Biographical Lexicon of the Carinthian Slovenians,,, and Š

Notable people, whose lives and work impacted the development of particular provinces or municipalities in the past and present and thus co-created their image, finding a spot in the eight online biographical lexicons emerging in central regional libraries. Fragmentation of content, its duplication, the desire to standardize records, reduce costs and a uniform editorial policy were the reasons for the creation of this interconnected biographical lexicon.
The web portal Faces of Slovenian Region includes biographies of  personalities who were born in a particular province or abroad, lived and/or studied there, and above all, their work in any field significantly impacted their environment: writers, poets, literary and art historians and critics, journalists, painters, musicians, architects, actors, priests, scientists, researchers, professors, teachers, businessmen, politicians, athletes, etc.

The territory of Slovenia is divided into ten provinces or provincial lexicons; notable Slovenians abroad are united in the Lexicon of Slovenians in Neighbouring Countries and Around the World. The boundaries of individual provinces are determined by the areas of operation of individual regional libraries, which also add content to the portal. In accordance with the content design of the interconnected biographical lexicon,  content may also be contributed to other libraries and institutions from individual areas.

The ONLINE Slovenian Biographical Lexicon is continuously  being created and info about famous and notable people from history and present everyday life is regularly updated; so, its content is never complete.
The project is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

ISSN – 2712-5408
COBISS.SI-ID – 19859459

Editorial Board
Jana Zeni Bešter, Marjeta Gros (executive editors) – The Kranj City Library,
Janja Jedlovčnik – The Celje Central Library,
Laura Chersicola – The Koper Srečko Vilhar Central Library,
Anka Rogina, Maribor Library,
Klaudija Sedar –  The Murska Sobota Provincial and Study Library,
Daša Medvešček – The Nova Gorica France Bevk Public Library,
Mateja Kambič – The Novo mesto Miran Jarc Library,
Mira Petrovič –  The Ptuj Ivan Potrč Library,
Manja Miklavc – Dr. Franc Sušnik Central Carinthian Library,

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Before an organization receives a password for entering content, it concludes an agreement with the operator of the web portal in accordance with the Terms of Publishing in the online biographical lexicon Faces of Slovenian Provinces, where the rights and obligations of both parties are defined.

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